The Architectonic of Philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, Leibniz
Leslie Kavanaugh

Library binding; 335 pp.; 15.5x23.5cm;
ISBN: 978 90 5629 416 8

The Architectonic of Philosphy
25 euro

sample pages

  1. Content (open pdf)
  2. Introduction: The Architectonic
  3. The Architectonic as Arche: Origin, First Principles, Beginning: Reading Plato’s Timaeus
  4. The Architectonic as Continuum: Atoms, Indivisibles, Infinity- Reading Aristotle’s Physics
  5. The Architectonic as Labyrinth: Bond, Fold, Relation -Reading Leibniz
  6. The Architectonic as Reticulum: Network, Web, Interface
  7. Bibliography
  8. Index
Whereas the history of philosophy defines metaphysics as asking the question “What is Being?”’ here is asked, “Where is Being?”  The architectonic, the term for a metaphysical structure, is borrowed from Kant, and in this inquiry is used as an analytical tool called onto-topology in order to investigate the place and structure of ontology within western metaphysics; namely, the chora of Plato, continuum of Aristotle, and the labyrinth of Leibniz.

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